Have you ever dreamed of paddle boarding next to a Glacier?

Or maybe standing on an SUP staring up at giant Icebergs? In Seward Alaska, you can do just that.

Bear Glacier, which is the largest glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park is close to Seward and also one of the most spectacular places in Alaska. At the base of the glacier's 12 mile ice tongue lies a salt-water lagoon filled with massive icebergs and surrounded by mountains of wilderness. The water is calm and protected from waves. This very unique destination offers us some of the coolest paddling on the planet and it's an amazing place to visit. Better yet, the access is limited to specialized boats and Helicopters! There are no roads and no crowds and you will most likely be the only visitors on a given day.

We offer two access options for this trip. Watertaxi or Heli. For the Helicopter option we depart from the Seward Airport and after fastening our seat belts we begin an unforgettable journey, soaring over peaks of the Chugach mountain range and gliding past the Harding Ice field. We might get an overhead view of a hungry bear, mountain goats, humpback or killer whale. After setting down on the moraine, we’ll pump up our custom inflatable stand up boards, slip on a drysuit and step into liquid. On the watertaxi option you and your guide will load up our gear on the Ghost Marmot and quickly cruise up the west shoreline of Resurrection Bay. On the way you have the opportunity to see whales, sea otters, puffins and other marine life. The captain will take us up the river channel and anchor us by the beach. It’s just a short paddle to the lagoon and icebergs.

Either option will blow you away and we challenge you to find a more surreal place to paddle board.

The features in the lagoon change daily and your guide will choose the best route to navigate through the maze of ice. Wildlife also varies day to day with good chances to view harbor seals and black bears. This tour lasts a little over 5 hours. We meet in the shop at 8am, and often we run a trip at 2pm. Advanced reservations are recommended. 

Important notes about this trip:

• This is an adventurous trip. It is very fun, but it's definitely a trip where you are exposed to the elements and can get dirty, sweaty and, tired.

• This trip is not designed for first-time paddlers. If you want to go, but don't have experience on a paddlboard, consider our half day intro to the sport.

• The boat ride out is very fun for most guests, but keep in mind that water conditions can vary, so sometimes the ride can get rough in the type of boat we need to use to safely navigate the river.

• It's important to bring comfortable and warm clothes to wear under your drysuit to ensure that your experience is as pleasant as possible. We highly recommend that you avoid wearing cotton or denim layers.